perjantai 12. syyskuuta 2008

Why did Toomas Hendrik Ilves put words into the mouth of president Tarja Halonen?

This week the Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves attacked Finland by saying he found insulting the statement of the Finnish president Tarja Halonen. According to Ilves, Halonen said that Estonia was suffering of a "post-traumatic stress". Ilves said that the statement of Tarja Halonen has damaged the relations of the two countries. 

However, president Tarja Halonen has never given such a statement about Estonia. Halonen has never said that Estonia would suffer of any kind of a stress nor a post-traumatic symptom. 

During a television intervew last week, Halonen said: "It is important that there are countries which do not have a post-traumatic situation." Here Halonen referred to Finland, which in her opinion does not have a post-traumatic situation. Halonen did not mention Estonia at all. 

Halonen's interview has been broadcasted many times this week and Finnish experts are surprised of the strange invention of president Ilves. 


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