torstai 11. syyskuuta 2008

Press Release: Threats against Finnish scholar

Author of the book The Bronze Soldier, Finnish scholar Dr. Johan Bäckman, has received several serious threats after the press debate about his controversial book started in Estonia.

Bäckman says unidentified Estonian man called him and threatened his life in Finnish. The man said that Bäckman will receive "punishment" and that he knows where Bäckman lives. The same evening Bäckman received a threat via e-mail, saying "we know where you live". At the same time, at least four Estonian websites published Bäckman's home address with demands of attacking him. 

The Helsinki police is investigating these threats in co-operation with the Tallinn police.

Bäckman says he will answer any aggression against him with all legal means. 

Bäckman says he is contacting the Embassy of Estonia in Helsinki for clarifying the situation.

Presentation of the book The Bronze Soldier will be in Tallinn, Estonia's capital, on September 22th at the Bronze Soldier statue. 

Additional information: Dr. Johan Bäckman, +358405035474


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