torstai 11. syyskuuta 2008

Estonia was not occupied by Soviet Union

It is a terrible lie to say that Estonia was "occupied" by the Soviet Union. Any civilised historian, journalist, politologist or lawyer understands that there was no Soviet occupation. Estonia is persecuting its Russian population by saying they are "occupants". This is the core of the Apartheid policy of the country, which in North Korean style has only one historian. In my opinion speaking or writing of Soviet "occupation" should be criminalised as a form of racist propaganda. I demand five years prison sentence to everyone who dears to say Estonia was "occupied" by Soviet Union. I wish Riigikogu begins processing this new law project tomorrow. This kind of legislation would cause a significant dicrease of racism in the European Union. 


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marcel_id kirjoitti...

Respected Historian? Sure.
Not occupied? Why then, I ask you, did the Russians build secure borders, watchtowers etc. etc. and protected the coast? Why were so many Estonians killed? Many, and you can check the statistics, right! Have you ever spoken to someone who lived in the former German Democratic Republic? Anyone has to take you serious? You just produce a lot of propaganda bubbles.

marko kirjoitti...

paska puhetta

Petri Krohn kirjoitti...

To marcel_id

Thanks for pointing out one of the possible interpretations of the word "occupation". What you are in fact saying, is that the Soviet Union was in a state of war for most of its existence.

Jan1964 kirjoitti...

Marcel simply says that the Soviet Union was a very bad dictature comparable with nazi-Germany. As it lasted about 75 years it even had a greater negative impact including the creation of Bäckman who through the history of his country in which no liberty in expressing themselves about the Soviet Union existed is comparable with people denying or gloryfying the Holocaust.

Indrekthebest kirjoitti...

How much russians are paying to you, mr. Bäckman? And if they don't what's your diagnosis? Have you ever talked to old people in Estonia who still remember red army marching in?

Johan Bäckman kirjoitti...

Dear "Indrek The Best",
Your points are very good example of why Estonia does not have any future. Everything you can say is "how much Russians are paying to you" or "what's your diagnosis". Is this the way of a serious discussion you teach in Estonian schools and universities?
Soviet Estonia was much better place to live than "Estonian Republic" today. There was no Soviet occupation.
"Red Army" has never marched in Estonia. It was Soviet Army that liberated Estonia in September 1944. The name "Red Army" was changed after the victory in Stalingrad.
Yes, the old people are very dangerous for Estonia today, because they say Soviet time was much better.
Your country Estonia is today occupied by descendants of the emigrant circles and their followers, who tried to realize their fantasy of "Estonia" by creating Disneyland, which ended up in a nightmare.
Occupant number 1 in Estonia is Toomas Hendrik Ilves. He does not care about Estonian people at all.

Jan1964 kirjoitti...

How much future does Finland have ?

Johan Bäckman kirjoitti...

Thank you for your question Jan. Finland has long future, because the role and significance of neutral and non-allied countries such as Finland is growing. The world is now very much respecting such neutral countries as Finland. But Estonia, which only task in the European Union and Nato seems to be to spread Russophobia, invent various kinds of anti-Russian provocations, and organize street pogroms against Russian schoolchildren, seems to have serious problems with its reputation. Finland's main idea in the world politics is not to spread Russophobia and invent provocations against Russia and Russians, but to integrate Russia with the EU.

Valkobandiitti kirjoitti...

"Red Army" has never marched in Estonia."
Esim. kirjassa "Eesti Rahva Kannatuste Aasta" löytyy kuva, missä puna-armeijan ja laivaston edustajat valvovat Viron "parlamentin" äänestystä Viron liittymisestä Neuvostoliittoon 21.7.1940.
Taustalla seinällä ovat jo valmiina stalinin kuva ja Neuvostoliiton vaaakuna.

Jan1964 kirjoitti...

According my sources the Red Army was founded after the October Revolution and "red" was taken from the name after the 2nd second world war.

What is the opinion of Bäckman about Winter War 1939-1940 ? Do you see this as war against the bourgoise government of Finland to liberate Finland ? Did the situation in Finland in 1939 resembles the situation in Estonia in 2008 ?

Many people here who read the things of Bäckman think he is some kind of political comedy character. Even the far left in Western Europe has taken distance from these kind of statements Bäckman. And in every comedy you need a bad guy to make things juicy.

marcel_id kirjoitti...

It's not worth it, to spend anymore time 'discussing' here. Johan is full of himself, and just looks more and more like a joke. He is an indoctrinated character, and I am sure, most people are critical enough, to see his lies. He was on TV in Estonia. It shows however, that Estonia is a democratic country now, and obviously, that is something his blinded mind cannot grab. Stop talking here guys, it's not worth it.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Alla de ester som hamnade i Gulag inbillade sig detta? Alla som summariskt avrättades led av inbillningssjuka? USA och Storbritannien erkände aldrig de jure Sovjets ockupation av Estland (eller Lettland och Litauen).

Min farfar var frivillig i finska armén för att en scharlatan som Johan Bäckman idag skulle kunna utnyttja Finlands frihet att sprida sin dynga.

Fy fan för Otto Ville Kuusinen- pack!