perjantai 15. elokuuta 2008

German police suspects Mart Laar's new history book of criminal Nazi propaganda

Public prosecutor in Dresden has launched crime investigation against Estonia's former premier Mart Laar's new book, which is titled "Estonian Legion in words and pictures". German police recently confiscated eight copies of the book from an Estonian citizen, who travelled in Germany as a tourist. The police suspects, that the aim of the book is to spread Nazi propaganda.

Distribution of Laar's book is suspected of violating the articles 86 of the German criminal code, prohibiting e.g. any means of propaganda intended to further the aims of a former Nazi organization, and the article 86a, e.g. prohibiting the delivering of the symbols of unconstitutional organizations. The German police says they have confiscated Laar's books in order to investigate the photographs and illustrations of the 480-page book.

The maximum punishment of the crimes 86 and 86a are three years of imprisonment. Mart Laar is not however himself in danger of a prison sentence, but the individuals distributing the book in Germany are.

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